What Causes Loss of Elasticity?


What causes elasticity loss in the skin? 

(1) Excessive UV exposure: UV exposure creates what is called Radical Damage which is what breaks down the components in our skin that keep it tight and youthful. 

(2) Poor nutrition: Eating too many processed foods and sugars has been linked to a decline of Elasticity on the skin as these foods do not contribute healthy vitamins and other nutrients for the skin to replenish itself. 

(3) Air pollution: Not only does air pollution harm our organs and immune system but it also destroys collagen and elasticity on the skin. Which is why it is so important to protect it whenever we go outside. 

Ingredients that help improve the loss of elasticity:

(1) Retinol: This ingredient is very popular in the skincare community for its ability to tighten lose skin and reverse aging among other benefits. QRxLabs has the Niacinamide + Retinol Serum which not only leverages the benefits of Retinol but also implements Niacinamide which also helps reduce signs of aging and irritation.

(2) Hyaluronic Acid: One of the most hydrating ingredients in skincare, Hyaluronic Acid helps heal the skin and keep it hydrated for long periods of time. Our Peptide Complex Serum is boosted with Hyaluronic Acid, making it a powerful and necessary item to keep in our skincare arsenal. 

(3) Squalane: Another excellent hydrating ingredient. Squalane helps reverse radical damage and photo-damage, helping the skin bounce back from damage rather quickly. Our Squalane line contains a variety of products that are able to accommodate different skincare needs.

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