How to Care for Dry Skin?

Tips on How to Maintain a Dry Skin Type:

(1.) Avoid harsh sunlight by applying SPF. This will prevent premature wrinkling and fine lines from developing as well as prevent dark spots from forming on the skin. 

(2.) Avoid ingredients that will strip the skin of its moisture, such as Alcohol. These ingredients will just slowly deteriorate the skin gradually.

(3.) Prioritize Moisturizing throughout the day. This will not only prevent dry and flaky skin but it'll also help prevent premature wrinkling and sagging.

(4.) Choose a moisturizer that is rich in Hyaluronic Acid and or Squalane as these are one of the most hydrating ingredients in the market today. Our Squalane HA+ Moisturizing Cream and our Hydrolific Serum are excellent choices for dry skin.

(5.) Implement a proper skincare routine. Cleanse with the Deep Facial Cleansing Oil. Treat with the Resurfacing Pads and Moisturize with your choice between the Hydrolific Serum and the Squalane HA+ Moisturizing Cream.

By keeping these points in mind we can help preserve dry skin from premature aging as well as uncomfortable tightness and flaking. Check out our full QRxLabs Dry Skin line on our website.