How to Reduce Enlarged Pores?

How do enlarged pores develop?

Enlarged pores occur when acne breakouts occur frequently in the same area of the skin for a long period of time. This constant pattern of breakouts can cause pores to become enlarged with time.

How to reduce enlarged pores?

1. To begin it is important to implement a double cleansing routine as this will reduce the chances of future breakouts. The QRxLabs Deep Facial Cleansing Oil is a great choice for an oil cleanser as it is boosted with Vitamin C and E which not only helps extract impurities from within the pores but also helps reduce photo-damage and improve collagen production. The Glycolic Acid Gel Cleanser is excellent for removing dirt from the surface of the skin as well as contributing to exfoliation as it contains Glycolic Acid in its formula.

 2. As a treatment for enlarged pores the QRxLabs Pore Refining Toner Pads are specifically formulated to help reduce pore size, alleviate inflammation and improve radiance on the skin. These pads can be used as a daily exfoliator which really accelerates results on the skin.

(3.) To moisturize, the QRxLabs NiacinaMax Serum would be a great choice for this particular concern. This serum not only is boosted with Tea Tree Oil which helps prevent acne by eliminating acne-causing bacteria, but also helps tighten the pores on the skin.

This is a simple but powerful routine that can yield effective results for a skin with issues of enlarged pores and mild acne marks.