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When selecting and purchasing the products that make up your skincare arsenal, have YOU ever faced the dilemma of natural and organic versus synthetic and chemical?

Alex and Silvana certainly did when they took a close look at the complex and often confusing skincare market back in 2016. After analyzing hundreds of brands and thousands of products within that market during the spring of 2016, they identified a puzzling reality within that industry.

The advent of the natural and organic movement within the skincare industry had initiated a marketing battle that resulted in a drastically polarized market. Today, large traditional skincare brands continuously try to escalate scientific and technological claims to differentiate themselves, while newer organic and natural brands categorically reject scientifically developed ingredients, promoting the MOST natural, organic and "purest" products.

That extreme market polarization leaves one obvious question surprisingly unanswered: Why not take the best of nature and the best of science and combine them to create awesome products?

Puzzled by this flagrant dichotomy within such a large and mature industry, and without a good reason why this could not be done, Alex and Silvana set out to launch QRxLabs in late 2016, aiming to create a NEW line of products with a distinctly positive and unifying philosophy reflected in its simple tag line: "NATURE ENHANCED".

This philosophy is the guiding principle and foundation for all QRxLabs product development, from initial concept to product launch. Our R&D team identifies the most interesting and promising natural ingredients that can be leveraged in skincare formulations, but it also pores over thousands of pages of scientific research from dozens of sources in order to find the best ways to enhance initial formulations with scientifically derived ingredients that increase the effectiveness of the end product.

The result is a product line that truly merges the best of science with the best of nature to provide the most beneficial, synergistic and effective solutions addressing real skincare needs.

As a company, we take this philosophy and the positive perspective it encapsulates beyond the development of new products. We embrace diversity and we look for the best in each individual and organization in order to encourage synergy, collaboration, harmony and a genuine appreciation for the value that we find in the differences between each other.

"We hope that our customers will also find some inspiration within each QRxLabs bottle, tube or jar to join us in looking at the world through a bright, positive and unifying lens."

Alexander Fedorowicz, Co-Founder & CEO

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QRxLabs is based out of sunny Miami, Florida.

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For any additional information about our products or for business inquiries, please send us an email at info@qrxlabs.com.

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